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Earnings Disclaimer

I’m not writing all this stuff for the lulz! I do add my referral link to resources that are recommended on my blog. This allows me to generate enough revenue to re-invest into the site, case studies and external ressources that help improve the quality of this site.  This includes proofreaders, designers, coders, etc.

All of the opinions expressed on this site are strictly my own. I will never recommend a product unless I believe my readers should use it.

Money is also collected from display advertising.

Applying Methods

All information shared on this site is from my own personal experience. My goal is to give my readers the tools they need to develop their own skills and improve on existing methods. This does not guarantee that the methods shown on this site will work for you. This is due to circumstances out of my control such as market value, saturation, competition, acts of god, etc.

Use common sense when trying out a new method.


I know you all want to be like me, but please ask for my permission before copying anything from this site.  I’m an easy going guy and it takes 30 seconds to send me an email.

Any use of my material without written consent will result in intense furrowing of my brow and possible legal action.