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  • Welcome to my new blog!

    Wow! my very first blog post on this site.

    I hope that in many years from now, future IMers will be reading this blog with their in-retina display contact lenses, from the backseat of their driverless car, sipping on a low-fat, sugar & gluten free synthesized turbo caffeine Starbucks coffee and be thinking “This is where it all began!  If only Mr. Hairy Nipples knew he had just created history when he hit the publish button”.

    Guess what? I do know!  It was all part of my master plan bitches!

    What to expect from this blog

    Expect to pitch a trouser tent every time you read a new post.

    I am going to share real world information about how I make money online through media buying, content marketing, building sites and more.

    Follow along as I build and share profitable and not-so profitable campaigns. These campaigns will range from dating offers, to binary options, to mobile sweepstakes and whatever else I think I can make a buck with.

    The Ressource List

    Check out the ressource list in the navigation menu! I am going to list every ad network, spy tool, tracking software, hosts, ad servers and cpa network I work with. I will also write up honest reviews of each according to my own personal experience. I won’t sugar coat a thing because you all need a no-b*llshit to media buying.

    Why BacklinkingSucks.com?

    Read the about this blog page to find out. I ain’t got no time to re-type that sh*t for you son.

    What else?

    I hate writing emails, but go ahead and sign up for my newsletter. I promise to send you annoying click-baitish emails every single day!!

    Actually, members of my newsletter will get the latest updates to this blog. For now, that’s all I have planned.


    I’m debating if I should put up ad space on this site or not. I’d like to offer you (the reader) an awesome ad-free experience. However, creating and maintaining this site is a lot of work. Maybe I should make some extra moolah by putting some ad space.

    I’ll make a decision later. Let me know what you guys think.

    The conclusion

    I’m excited to see where this site is going to take me. Leave a comment and let me know what subjects you’d like me to go over.

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